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ETO Markets白银错价导致爆仓,后續直接删账户,本金损失高达35万(2)

投诉单号:202752 投诉平台:ETO Markets 投诉类型:点差爆仓问题,止盈止损滑点 维权诉求:赔偿交易损失,索还交易资金 维权金额: 投诉进度:已回复
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葉**中 补充投诉 02-04 02:32:32
Etomarkets是一家网路诈骗平台,恶意修改交易价格直接坑骗我35万美金,老板是中国通缉的诈骗罪犯 陈炜,请小心
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葉**中 补充投诉 11-25 10:36:43
葉**中 发起投诉 11-25 10:32:57
ETO Markets白银价格异常导致资金归零,然后ETo直接删除我的账户,资金损失高达35万美金
11/20我在ETO MARKETS,账号6207010,因为白银错价导致账户爆仓后在经过几天的沟通,目前澳洲ETO MARKETS的官方人员已经完全不回复,甚至官方邮箱直接把事情推给账户经理自行处理!

我自己也打十通以上的澳洲联系电话+61 2 80981310 上班时间没有人任何人接通,因为这样子我特别让澳洲的朋友前往澳洲办事处前往沟通,没想到去了办公室只有几个20多岁的年轻人都在玩也不像是正式在上班的,一家公司连个可以负责的对象都没有公司,感觉就是一个空壳公司!

白银价格是个很离谱的异常K线,澳洲监管单位也受理了,希望尽快对于这家恶劣的品牌采取最严重的处置,我希望外汇媒体能重视这个事情,并且查明清楚这家公司的状况! 其他的世界媒体也能关注一下这平台的事件并放大一起监督,ETO MARKETS可能是一家准备暴雷的交易平台,别再给予高分让其他投资人有机会上当了!

这是我交易十多年来第一次遇到这么可怕的交易平台,经过一些调查我已经知道背后幕后老板的真实姓名与背景,我将会在下一次文章中公布! 目前跟我接洽的上海办事处负责人还在努力寻找沟通管道,但根据这官方总部的态度,我想劝所有使用ETO MARKETS的投资人请尽快出金,因为如果官方平台持续不理会,接下来可能中国的警方会采取强制措施,这个品牌会发生严重的挤兑问题。

这种会虚构假K线吃掉客户本金的平台发生大量提款可能会直接倒闭,请务必小心! 如果一家公司可以将价格任意调整导致爆仓,在里面所有的投资者对会面临一样的问题,ETO MARKETS交易平台随时可能偷走你所有的资产。

一家正常的外汇交易商发生一样状况都是第一时间赔款并且道歉,ETO MARKETS却是一直推迟给LP后就把账户删除,虽然在上海办事处负责人的强硬要求账户又被恢复,但明显的是ETO MARKETS已经有总部高层下达这种离谱的指令让后台人员去进行这种删除证据的动作,但我早就保存了所有的资料备份了!他们做这种删除证据的事情是没有用的!

还发现一个可怕的事情,就是这个异常价格已经在我账户中被删除但交易出问题的单子依然没被处理,很明显可以看到成交价格异常,我找了其他ETO MARKETS投资人的账户进行比对,他们投资人的这个价格还存在,就是一个想毁灭我账户中K线是异常的证据! 再次告诫所有全球投资人,尽快离开这个可怕的平台,也把这信息分享给朋友。

别再被ETO MARKETS这个诈骗集团所欺骗!
The abnormal silver price in ETO Markets caused the funds to return to zero, and then ETO directly deleted my account, resulting in a loss of up to $350000 in funds
On November 20th, I had funds in my ETO Markets account. Due to abnormal silver prices, the funds returned to zero. After several days of communication, the official personnel of ETO Markets in Australia have not responded at all. They even sent an email directly to the account manager to handle the matter on their own!
I have called ETO Australia more than ten times myself,+61 2 80981310, but no one answered even during working hours,
Because of this, I asked my Australian friend to go to the ETO Australia office to communicate, but when he went to the office, he found that only a few young people in their twenties were playing and didn't seem to be working seriously. A company didn't even have a responsible person, and it felt like a shell company!
The price of Eto's silver is very outrageous and abnormal, and the Australian regulatory authorities have also accepted my complaint. I hope to take the most serious action against this unscrupulous company as soon as possible,
I hope well-known media such as WIKIFX and Fx110 can take this matter seriously,
And find out the situation of this company! Other global media can also follow the events on this platform and supervise them together
ETO Markets may be a company preparing to run away, don't give high scores and let other investors fall for it!
This is the first time in over a decade that I have encountered such a terrifying trading platform. After some investigation, I have learned the real name and situation of the boss behind the scenes. I will announce it in the next article!
The person in charge of the Shanghai office I am currently in contact with is still trying to find a communication channel with the boss behind the scenes. However, based on the attitude of the official headquarters, I would like to advise all investors who use ETO Markets to pay as soon as possible, because if the official platform continues to ignore it, the Chinese police may take mandatory measures in the future, and this company will have a serious run on the platform that used fictitious prices to earn customer funds, After a large amount of withdrawals, it may go bankrupt directly! Please be careful
If a company can adjust its prices arbitrarily and lead to liquidation, all investors in it will face the same problem,
The ETO Markets trading platform may steal all of your assets at any time. A normal foreign exchange trader, if the same situation occurs, will immediately compensate and apologize. However, ETO Markets has been pushing the matter to LP and even deleting the account. Although the account was restored at the strong request of the head of the Shanghai office, it is evident that ETO Markets has already received such outrageous instructions from senior management at the headquarters to have backend personnel take such actions to delete evidence. But I have already backed up all the information! It's useless for them to delete evidence like this!
I also found a terrible thing, which is that the abnormal price has been deleted from my account, but the orders that were closed due to the abnormal price have not been processed. It is obvious that the transaction price is abnormal. I compared it with the accounts of other ETO Markets investors, and their prices still exist. This is the evidence that ETO wants to destroy the abnormal price line in my account!
Once again, I warn all global investors to leave this terrible platform as soon as possible and share this information with friends
Don't be deceived by ETO Markets, this scam group!

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